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China: The Search for the Missing

Evan Williams Productions, Channel 4 Dispatches

assistant editor/ production assistant - Toby Fitzpatrick // produced - Evan Wiliams //  

"On the eve of the Winter Olympics, Dispatches investigates allegations of mass surveillance, detention and forced labour in China's north-west"

I worked as a researcher, assistant editor and production assistant to help find potential contributors, data wrangle, assemble sequences, and clear music rights throughout the production and post-production of the film.

Watch it HERE.

Pandora Papers

Evan Williams Productions, PBS Frontline

assistant producer/production assistant - Toby Fitzpatrick // directed- James Oliver // produced - Evan Williams 

"A massive leak of financial documents reveals hidden assets and deals of the world’s wealthy and powerful."

I worked as an AP in the edit of this episode of PBS Frontline helping source archive and music, as well as creating various deliverable documents and information before and after TX.

Watch it HERE.

Germany's Neo-Nazis and the Far Right

Mongoose Pictures, PBS Frontline

assistant editor - Toby Fitzpatrick // exec produced - Dan Edge, Belinda Morrison // produced - Marta Garcia Aliaga 

"The documentary traces how extremists have carried out terror plots and attacks on Jews and migrants, infiltrated the security services, and what authorities are doing to confront the growing problem."

I worked as one of the Assistant Editors with multi-award winning production company Mongoose Pictures on an investigative documentary in filmed in Germany. I delivered footage to the edit at Molinare, Soho, prepared sequences for the offline, ingested rushes, and create subtitles in Avid.  

Watch it HERE.

Harrow Club 

editor - Toby Fitzpatrick // footage - multiple // created with Debate Mate Schools // published Jan 2021

"A longstanding youth club based in West London that creates positive futures for marginalised young people"

Through general youth clubs and specialist interventions, Harrow club aims to empower young people to complete their education, avoid anti-social behaviour and become positive contributors to society.

They work with up to 5000 young people each week across 6 clubs, helping them to recognise their full potential.

The Lotus Project

writer, producer, editor - Toby Fitzpatrick // voiceover - Nikolaj Tranholm-Mikkelson // created with Editors for Impact, CIC // published Jan 2021

"sustainable and renewable electrification; thoughtful poverty reduction; culturally sensitive education."

The Lotus Project is a charitable organization operating in Vietnam created to research innovative micro-grid solutions, aiming to set the foundation of economic development in rural areas. They implement renewable energy projects and provide education within ethnic minority groups, while alleviating poverty by creating jobs, in remote and unattended regions. 


editor - Toby Fitzpatrick // footage - Jack Deslandes, Toby Fitzpatrick // created with Debate Mate Schools // published Sept 2020

"an innovative educational programme pairing debating and boxing to help the young people most at a disadvantage."

Debate Mate's programmes increase speaking and listening attainment and improve a range of higher-order thinking skills and non-cognitive abilities such as confidence, teamwork, and leadership. In doing so, their programmes address the widening skills gap between education and employment, whilst raising aspirations and helping students to make informed post-18 choices.

DebateBox is a collaborative intervention programme between Debate Mate and The Harrow Club.

Trailer | Oxford International Short Film Festival

editor - Toby Fitzpatrick // clips - various // published Jul 2021

A new trailer for the 2021 OxISFF Children's Corner

OxISFF believes short films are an art form, ideally one which should be experienced in unique and beautiful surroundings, on a large screen with an enthusiastic audience. The live festival is held in the beautiful grounds of St John's College at The University of Oxford in the newly refurbished auditorium.